Friday, November 2, 2012

Video: Teardrop Windows by Ben Gibbard

Well, bless his heart. Ben Gibbard is apparently very normal, according to his manager in the amusing new music video for "Teardrop Windows" off Gibbard's recent release Former Lives. Follow the "Death Can for Trudie" frontman as he tries and fails to earn some street cred to boost album sales via Jack Daniels bottle filled with Snapple and "Hug 4 Life" tattoo. Why? Because people don't want to buy music from normal people and it's totally necessary to "turn this construction paper cutout of what used to be a man into a bad boy."

On a somewhat related note, the legendary one-off Postal Service album Give Up has finally been certified as platinum, almost ten years after its release. How's that for cred.

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