Thursday, November 29, 2012

Neil Young Talks to Jon Stewart

Sometimes the more you know a person, the less you like them. For instance, I feel certain that most people wish they knew less about Mel Gibson. Occasionally, however, that mantra cracks open and exposes something cool.

Neil Young, formerly the scowling face in the gatefold pictures in my vinyl copy of Decade, has revealed himself to be a certifiably neat guy in the last few months as he's hit the talk show circuit in promotion of his new memoir, Waging Heavy Peace. Check out his latest stop at the Daily Show as he talks to Jon Stewart about his fear of ghost writers and sympathy for those of us who dwell in the netherworld that is MP3 audio quality. 

As Stewart points out, Young is unexpectedly a patent holder, an inventor, a model train enthusiast, and   then, well, Neil Young. In the wise words of NBC's PSAs, the more you know. 

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