Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review: 'Nashville' Episode Six

Nashville is a complicated place. This week we find our soap stars taking all variety of relationships into new territory.

In a continued effort to repair Juliette's damaged reputation, the Barnes PR machine sets up an appearance at a zoo fundraiser in which she meets a Tim Tebow-esque football player named Sean Butler and eventually gets pushed into going on a date. So here's the date: Juliette calls him a choir boy, criticizes his athletic ability, and invites him to party in Miami as soon as he takes a jab at her sticky fingers. Upon exiting the South Beach club, a photographer pounces on them and Sean pushes him to the ground, but not before the insufferable shutterbug snaps a photo that makes Sean look outright trashed. Nevermind he doesn't drink. Photos lie. Fortunately, Juliette has tons of money and strikes a deal with the photog later on to keep the pics out of the gossip pages. Sean, touched as all get out, asks her "in" for a quiet date night at home. She seems intrigued by the novelty of the idea.

Speaking of new ideas, Rayna has the go-ahead from the label to pick a new producer and make a new album. She sets her sights on grammy-winning rock producer Liam McGuinnis. Funny thing: He wants nothing to do with her and barely bothers to step all the way out his door to dis her music. She goes back the next day and delivers a little "don't judge me, bro" speech and he invites her in. Whiskey. Recording. Magic. They're making a record because "Sometimes you've got to blow up the box." The only snag is that Liam isn't on the label's pre-approved producer list. However, Rayna seems fairly adept at speech-making, so even though her label guy walks out, it's probably going to be okay. That's more than I can say for Coleman, though. Lamar, who seems to only exist in wood-paneled rooms stocked with Scotch, has arranged for Coleman to get pulled over for a traffic violation on his way to sign a clean campaign pledge. The cops search his car and find that bottle of Oxy he took off Deacon last week. A hungover Rayna quizes Teddy about possible Lamar involvement in the pullover and arrest and Teddy sort of doesn't say much. The world does indeed go around, though, because Coleman has to decide what to do with some newly discovered pics of what appears to be Teddy and Peggy canoodling from last week. The pictures could destroy Rayna and Teddy's relationship. Dun dun duuuuunnnn.

In the alternate parallel Bluebird universe where Rayna & co.'s decisions get played out by the younger generation, Avery finds himself also juggling morals and ambition. After a gig, Avery chats up a promoter about opening for the Lumineers. After a squirrel-y brush off, professional band manager and man eater Marilyn offers to sign Avery's band. Here's the thing, Deacon knows what's going on and tries to keep Avery and Marilyn apart in an effort to protect wispy little flower Scarlett. He talks to the promoter himself, but still loses the gig, pushing Avery right back at Marilyn via 8 p.m. business meeting at her house. When Scarlett finds out Deacon tried to put the kibosh on Marilyn, he confronts him and  he tells her Marilyn only signs good looking guys under 30 after "a certain closeness." Yikes. Well, Scarlett is pissed, and even though Avery walked out in the middle of making out with Marilyn, she is rightfully is unhappy he went over there at all knowing her intentions. And then she leaves! Good girl. She moves in with Deacon and Avery moves in on Marilyn proving that he's every bit as scummy as we think.

No new episode nest week, sadly, but I'm sure looking forward to whatever comes next, especially since ABC has ordered a full season. Bring on the drama!

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