Saturday, June 30, 2012

TMI: Not Fade Away

After a crazy few months, I'm signing back into The Musically Inclined dashboard, ready to re-commit to blogging about the music that makes life that much more sweet.

 This month TMI turns 5, which means it's lasted longer than any other project I've ever launched. For a while I considered retiring what started out as a accountability tool to keep myself writing, but that doesn't feel right. Music is inherently social and it's meant to be shared. It's about meaning. Sometimes our life is the lens we use to look at music, and sometimes music is the lens we use to look at our lives. For me, not writing about music is like not wearing my glasses. Everything is slightly indistinct. I can see, mostly, but I like my sharp edges.

 That's why my plan from here on out is to not just throw up a video and a quick couple lines on why it's cool, but to get back to writing about the context. Part of the impetus for this vow-renewal of sorts is a song a friend sent me a few weeks back. It's "Fader" by Australian band The Temper Trap off their 2009 album Conditions. There's a great line in the song that says "I pledge myself allegiance to a better night's sleep at home," and as someone who has been itching to go home for a long time, I appreciate the optimism and resolve to make something better.

So, there you have it. We're back in business. Stay tuned.