Friday, July 30, 2010

If You Have Free Time and Some Spare Silicone

If I had the time, energy, supplies, or guts to pour some sort of warm mystery mixture over my precious records, this would be an interesting experiment.

Gizmodo posted about how to pirate record-- not the easiest process in the world, and I'm sure the sound quality takes a hit, but it's kinda cool anyway. Will say this though, I bet it gets all those pesky dust particles out of the grooves. Check it out.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Radiohead is Toying with Our Emotions

Good grief, we haven't had this sort of emotion turmoil and ambiguity since high school. Paste posted this article today, saying that Radiohead might not be ready-- oh, what were Ed O'Brien's exact words, "in a matter of weeks." Oops.

The band is stepping out of the studio until late summer-ish (they say that now), so expect... an album... maybe... at some point... in the future.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crossfire : Brandon Flowers

Let me see if I can explain this. So, Charlize Theron rescues Brandon Flowers, who's bloodied and tied up in this warehouse, but he's dressed like he just escaped from the 1890s, which is weird because she's dressed like Lara Croft. Did I mention the ninjas? Every story needs villains, I guess. Anyway, so there are ninjas, but Theron is such a b.a. that she beats them, three times in a row. How Flowers keeps getting abducted, I don't know. You'd think if Theron was that good at rescuing him, she'd be pretty adept at protecting him too. After all the trouble and sweat, the two share a dramatic glance as Flowers sort of smiles at her, but she just stares back. And at the end? They hop in her truck and drive (Flowers in the passenger seat, p.s.) off into the... urban decay, or something.

I'm sure there's a deeper, girl-power-type analysis in there, but the ninjas were too distracting.

Anyhoodle, all I know is that this song isn't bad and didn't dissuade me from wanting to purchase the album when it comes out on September 14.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Paint the Town Red... And a Ton of Other Colors

Came across this two-minute spot for the Let's Colour Project. It's pretty striking. A towns-worth of people paint all the buildings using just about every color you could think of. The whole thing was shot using time lapse and set to "Go Do" by Jónsi from the Icelandic band, Sigur Rós. (And you were wondering what the music tie-in was.) This is one of those cases where it's impossible to decide whether the visuals or the music make the spot. Take a look.


After posting this I decided to look up the full version of "Go Do." As I was searching it, I was thinking of how to explain Jónsi, and what immediately came to mind was that he's a strange bird. Then I watched the video. The universe is ridiculous.

In any case, it's a fine song. Give it a shot when you can.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

1901 : Phoenix

In the past few months I've heard so much hype for French pop/rock band Phoenix, that my initial reaction was to avoid them, or more like, casually just never get around to looking them up.

Two things changed that. First, they turned up on the cover of a magazine I like, and second, I caught one of NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts. It was watching said Tiny Desk Concert that I realized that the peppy, buzzy song playing underneath that Cadillac commercial from a while ago was Phoenix's "1901."

Commence song crush. It's a really great tune, and cool in the non-overused, generic, sense of the word. It's the type of song I want to be caught listening to. Definitely check it out.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"The Boom Box Stages a Comeback"

I really want this to be true (because it's ridiculous) despite the fact that it's contrary to most music-listening trends within the past... well, really long time. (Dawn of the Walkman?)

Wired posted a rundown of the latest boom boxes that will "have you jamming like it's 1989," and really, who doesn't want that? It's sort of a skeletal tech article-- no explanation for said comeback, but for some reason the idea is intriguing. Perhaps the boom box is at the point where archaic is morphing into novel and mostly ironic. It's a hipster dream. Clunky-chic, shall we say?