Saturday, April 25, 2009

Indie Rock Alphabet Book

While stumbling around the internets the other day, I saw something that Paste did back in January that's pretty cool. They put together the "Indie Rock Alphabet Book." The book, like any good alphabet book would, goes through each letter, using a band as an example with an accompanying rhyme. It's pretty funny. You can check out the pages here. Now you can subtly push your snobby tastes on your tykes. Hey, no judgement here.

I wish I had thought of this.

Speaking of Vampire Weekend, apparently they've set to work on a new LP, currently slated for September. NME called it their "highly anticipated sophomore album." I think that's mostly because we're all curious to see if listeners will continue to care, and that's said with a complete lack of cynicism.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rob Thomas Releases New Song

Early this morning, or really late last night depending on how you look at it, this little item rolled in from Billboard magazine's RSS feed. Rob Thomas has a new single entitled, "Her Diamonds." (Click the link to hear it streamed) It' good, very much in line with Thomas's first solo effort, Something to Be. It's got that same studio sheen. In retrospect, I think Matchbox Twenty was moving toward that sound especially after hearing More Than You Think You Are in 2003, but that ship kind of sailed, didn't it?

Back to the single though, Thomas uses what sounds like a toy piano, and the effect is intriguing. It's an interesting contrast, what sounds like a child's toy, but with a serious, mildly foreboding tone.

Thomas's latest, Cradlesong, will be available in stores June 30.

If you ask me, that took too long.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rites of Spring 2009

Every year, Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN puts on a two-day music festival toward the end of the semester. It's like a mini Bonnaroo (in oh, so many ways). This year, my friend Lance and I at the Vision got press passes to cover it. I braved 12+ hours of live music over two days, and enough cigarette smoke to shave several months off my life. Flaming Lips and T.I. headlined, though the latter was possibly the weakest link in the festival. Check out my recaps below to find out who rocked, who sucked and how Teletubbies fit into the situation.

Rites of Spring Day One
Rites of Spring Day Two

Money quote of the weekend, courtesy of the idiot standing next to me during N.E.R.D: 

"Why do you have a notebook at a concert?"

The Brakes on Twisted Ear

Yet another review for my favorite U.K.-based website. I really enjoyed this album. It's the latest from The Brakes, called Touchdown. The album is snappy and accessible, so if you're tired of pretending you like Animal Collective, this business is easier to digest. Not that Animal Collective isn't inspired...

Papercuts on Twisted Ear

I'd like to say I've just been a bum lately and not posted out of laziness, but it's more of a time issue. Anyway, check this review I did for Twisted Ear on group called the Papercuts. They do a kind of hazy, muted, dreamy 60s pop with a bit of a bizarre dark side. The album is called You Can Have What You Want. Good deal, right?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

M. Ward covers Buddy Holly

M. Ward's cool take on "Rave On" by Buddy Holly is definitely worth mentioning. Seeing the story about the music video release pop up on Pitchfork, I was already rolling my eyes. Somethings are better left alone. Yet, I was more than pleasantly surprised to hear the chill, retro-tinged version featuring Zooey Deschanel. And that's not even getting into the funky animation. Take a look.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No, No. Not Dead, Just Busy.

Going nearly two week without posting anything is a bad idea in the blogosphere. Apologies. Not much shakin'. Death Cab announced an extra show in Nashville, the day before the one I have a ticket to... that blows. Someone started a fraudulent Ben Gibbard Twitter account... that also blows. Th Open Door EP is still not available in stores yet... this band is messing with me. Anyhoo, check out my latest Twisted Ear review here. It's Higamos Hogamos. Don't ask, just read. Meanwhile TMI is bracing for a chaotic few weeks, as if the last few have been hay rides. Stay tuned. We'll get back in the groove soon.