Monday, June 23, 2008

The Shins Shun Sub Pop?

This rolled in about an hour ago from the always trusty Rolling Stone news feed. Apparently The Shins' fourth album will be released on Aural Apothecary, frontman James Mercer's label. And the exodus continues. What's surprising here, is that I thought smaller labels such as Sub Pop, though it does carry hefty indie clout, would be safe if only a little while longer. Hold up though, before you drop to your knees and start praying for the music industry, Sub Pop isn't totally out of the picture though its role might be of a supporting nature as a "partnering label."

In any case, TMI is more than a little giddy at the prospect of a new Shins album. At the moment the best we can do for a date is it won't be "due out until at least 2009." Well, I guess I can be content in knowing that The Shins are at work.

Look for the Viva la Vida review by tomorrow.

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