Friday, March 20, 2009

Bob Dylan Stinks (well his Port-a-Potty at least)

By now it's old news, but I still think it's pretty funny. Bob Dylan's Malibu neighbors are complaining about the stench wafting around from the Port-a-Potty in his backyard. That's so classy I can hardly take it. One woman even rented an industrial fan to blow the odor back at Dylan's property, to no avail. Get this, the state of California is investigating the matter. So, why does Dylan need an external toilet in the first place? It's for security staff and employees. Yeah. Ouch.

I guess there really is something blowin' in the wind.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jack White Forms 73rd Band : The Dead Weather

Okay, it's only his third, but considering that the first two haven't broken up yet, it feels about two too many.

The pasty p**** form Detroit (couldn't resist the alliteration) has pulled Alison Mosshart from the Kills (sucky band, if you ask me) Jack Lawrence from the Raconteurs, and Dean Fertita from Queens of the Stoneage to form The Dead Weather (yeah, I don't know where they got that either). Maybe he just got tired of taking moody, rustic, black and white pictures with the Raconteurs and needed a change of cast.

The new "super" group played at White's label in Nashville (woop) last night and will be releasing their debut album Horehound in June. Mark your calendars, kids.

Radiohead Gets Going On New Material

Glad tidings from NME: it appears that Radiohead is working on a follow up to 2007's In Rainbows. There aren't many details as of yet, but the gist is that now that most of the touring for In Rainbows is finished, the band's got the time to start work on a new project. Of course, the tour is not quite over-- they'll be playing several shows this summer.

So... suck on that, Miley.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Death Cab "Opens Door" for New EP

I was on news posting duty for Twisted Ear this morning and found that Death Cab had four left over songs from the Narrow Stairs sessions, so they're sticking them on an EP called The Open Door and releasing it later in the year. The EP also includes the original version of "Talking Bird" where Ben Gibbard plays ukulele. What, was Dent May not available? Stick with TMI for any updates regarding release dates or the like.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TMI Mini Mix no. 4

Sorry for the delay, folks. The March Mini Mix is here at last, and TMI is waxing nostalgic big time. Remember the 90s? We spent the better part of the decade in denial that we were living them, but now there's nothing like a bout of that relentlessly peppy, obnoxious, caffeinated, self-important pop. Here are a few of my favs, though in the interest of being completely honest, I didn't really listen to much contemporary music, so there's not a big pool to draw from in the iTunes collection.

1. All Star : Smash Mouth
2. Semi-Charmed Life : Third Eye Blind
3. 3 AM : Matchbox Twenty
4. Roll to Me : Del Amitri
5. One Week : Barenaked Ladies

In Other News...

Not much to report lately, kids. Now that I'm on "holiday," I can't really think of anything to write about. Anybody see today that a bunch of music videos are getting yanked by PRS (Performing Rights Society) from Youtube UK? Sometimes it seems like people have nothing better to do than get their knickers in a bunch, to borrow a phrase from the country in question.

Some of us were certainly a bit disgusted when Miley Cyrus threatened to destroy Radiohead this week after they declined an invitation to meet her backstage at the Grammys. I'd like to picture Thom Yorke mumbling to himself, "who the eff is Miley Cyrus?"

Beyond that, there's not much shakin.' Flight of the Conchords gets better with each listen and I'm starting in on a rather promising review for Twisted Ear. About a minute ago, my inbox informed me that Andrew Bird is now following TE on Twitter. I can think of people who would be pleased with this notification. You know who you are.

Something random and cool: my buddy Ben at The Daily Grind is doing 7 reviews in 7 days this week. Check this business out.

Don't forget that The Musically Inclined is always open to tips and prompts regarding content, and if you're musically inclined yourself and want to pitch your band or album for review, give me a shout at

Stay tuned kids, these quiet spells never last long.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Bishops on Twisted Ear

This is officially the meanest review I've written to date. This is also officially the weakest band I've heard from Twisted Ear to date. I feel justified. Check out the abuse and a candy metaphor I'm proud of here.

On a side note, Twisted Ear has a Twitter account now, so if you want snazzy updates and the occasional sparkling commentary, come follow us. That sounds creepy, doesn't it? No Kool-Aid involved, promise.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Andrew Bird: Fitz and Dizzyspells Video

The Musically Inclined is certainly on a video kick lately. Check out Andrew Bird's latest for "Fitz and Dizzyspells." It doesn't sound like they used the track from the album, but rather a live performance. Cheers for authenticity! Feel free to explain to me why he's shooting flaming arrows into the air and how that translates into some sort of dance party Bat Signal.
Andrew Bird with Mucca Pazza - "Fitz & The Dizzyspells”