Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Flight Notes: Tunes for the Traveler

Syracuse airport or bowling alley?
I'm a big believer in mix(tapes) as an art form. They're fascinating. Everyone has a philosophy on how to make one, whether it's leaning more on theme or sound. I prefer the latter. My goal is to put together a group of songs that compliment each other, take you through a mood arc of sorts and get you home in about 35 minutes. And if I've worked hard enough, you won't know 85% of the tracks.

Some folks just like to throw together some good stuff. End of story. I still can't decide whether it's better to give or receive.

In any case, about a month ago I diverged from my mixtape-making habits and started work on a collection of songs about traveling since at last count,  I've been on 17 different planes in the past 8 months. Plus, I read Walter Kirn's 2001 Up In the Air, which became the George Clooney movie in 2009. My excessive flying gave me a new appreciation for the topic and the nomadic protagonist. There's a certain amount of melancholy in mixed in with all that circulated air.

After testing driving this mix (or maybe I should just call it a playlist) for a few weeks, I'm satisfied. On a related noted, playlists and mix cds do wonders for making my daily bus ride palatable.

Anyhoodle, here's the link to "Flight Notes: Tunes for the Traveler" on Spotify. And if you've got your own mixtape philosophy, do share.

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