Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Four Eyes and Six Strings

Two Saturdays ago, I was sitting in a dark room in my parents' house, playing my dad's guitar with my eyes closed.

It was just about the only thing I could think to do that wouldn't involve me looking at something. That probably seems like a weird reason to do anything, but lately I've been battling bad headaches brought on by eyes that don't quite work the way they used to. (And you were thinking I'd gone all emo on you.) Mercifully, a pair of glasses have fixed my problems, but the first few days I had them, I was desperately doing all I could to give my eyes a rest– no Hulu, no school work, no blogging, no magazines, no books.

For someone like me, that really doesn't leave much else to do, and my desire to keep the headaches at bay outweighs my desire to ramble about who's streaming The Shins album.

But back to the guitar, I'm not particularly gifted, but I'm still grateful I taught myself to play. It's friend and a stabilizer, and most of all, it's doesn't glow. The music that comes out of it does so independently from mouse clicks.

Anyway, please accept the above song. It's "Turn Off This Song And Go Outside" by the Lonely Forest, which is a band from Washington. They released their third album Arrows in 2011 on Chris Walla's label Trans.  A friend introduced me to this earnest little tune and I think it's good advice.

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