Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tallest Man on Earth Readies New Album

I'm a little disappointed the typeface isn't Helvetica.
If you're fond of the gravelly tones of the Tallest Man on Earth, you'll be happy to know Kristian Matsson is at work on a brand new album called There's No Leaving Now. It's slated for release June 12, so add that to your calendar of must-buy impending releases. Personally, I am interested in hearing "1994," because if I had to write a song about that year it would probably be about tire swings and Play-do that smells like mint.

Here's the track listing.

01 : To Just Grow Away
02 : Revelation Blues
03 : Leading Me Now
04 :1994
05 : Bright Lanterns
06 : There’s No Leaving Now
07 : Wind and Walls
08 : Little Brother
09 : Criminals
10 : On Every Page


aaron.dethrage said...

Is it 1994 or 1904? Seeing both.

Erin Carson said...

Going with 1994.