Saturday, December 3, 2011

An Argument with Myself : Jens Lekman

Today I was sorting through songs that might make it on TMI's Best Discoveries of 2011 list. One of the rules for the list is that I can't have heard the artist or band prior to that year. Sure, it keeps the list fresh, but sometimes it means leaving off some good stuff on a technicality.

Example: Jens Lekman is a witty, quirky Swedish singer/songwriter. His last album, 
Night Falls Over Kortedala, came out in 2007 and was pretty well received in all the usual places (Paste, Pitchfork, etc.). So, I've heard this dude before, but wasn't too taken until this fall when I heard the title track off his September EP, An Argument with Myself. It's fast and clever. Madness has never sounded this sprightly and tropical. You're really going to want to catch the lyrics Lekman spits out. I love that he asks himself "You want to keep fighting? Yeah, I want to keep fighting. Fair enough."

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