Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kick in the Shins: New Album on the Way

Half a decade after Wincing the Night Away, the Shins (remember them?) have put out word that we can expect a new album sometime in March. In case you think this is another cruel fake out where they float out a bit of info and then go silent for six months, they've got album art and a track listing to back up their claim. It's ten songs and it's called "Port of Morrow."

Five years is a long time. In the meanwhile, frontman James Mercer has been busy breaking bells and firing his bandmates, so I guess we'll see how this stacks up to the rest of the Shins catalogue. Though in all honesty, I'm not worried. Mercer's sound (and really, the Shins's sound) came through so well on the Broken Bells album and EP, I'm sure this will be the follow up we've been waiting for.

In other news, I don't know about you, but that cover is some freaky stuff. It's either Donnie Darko up there or a llama. (Love child of Donnie Darko and a llama??) Perhaps. 

Track listing: 

01 : The Rifle’s Spiral 
02 : Simple Song 
03 : It’s Only Life 
04 : No Way Down
05 : September 
06 : Bait and Switch
07 : Fall of ’82 
08 : For A Fool 
09 : 40 Mark Strasse 
10 : Port of Morrow

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