Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Word on Bon Iver-ness

Man. Bon Iver. That guy. Check out the new video for his single "Holocene." Watch it and come back.

BON IVER "Holocene" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Got it? Ok. I like Justin Vernon as much as the next kid with vague hipster tendencies, but sometimes I'm overwhelmed by his Bon Iver-ness. It's the way he manages to be earthy and ethereal all at the same time. He's like a mountain spring so friggin' clean and crisp it melts your mouth off.

Case in point: "Holocene." You've got a pretty little blonde nordic boy who apparently lives in a hobbit hole and spends his day frolicking in pristine landscapes. He is clearly the only human able to not spoil these scenic terrains because he's nature boy, one with the falcons.

I like Bon Iver. I really do. I can't handle that video. Everything from the kid's sweater to him sweetly falling asleep on some rocks is just too much Bon Iver-ness to handle. It's the pinacle of Bon Iver-ness– perfect and pure and gorgeous. Lock your average person up in a cabin to write an album and you'd find them sitting in the rafters half crazy after a few weeks. It's just such a concentration of the (I don't know, aesthetic?) that it'll knock you out.

Phew. Anyway. Enjoy the video, nevertheless. P.S. Here's a link to a 36-inch Sumac Root walking stick from Amazon, if you're feeling it. Mmm. Rustic.

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