Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time Spent in Los Angeles : Dawes

File this one under "Song Crushes." I've got a few days off and I'm spending some time catching up on music I've been meaning to listen to over the past month or so. Recently, I downloaded the Dawes/Blizten Trapper tour sampler from Noisetrade and this evening I discovered "Time Spent in Los Angeles by Dawes off their 2011 record Nothing is Wrong.

Dawes is from LA and the song is about being gone. I really love the melody, but the lyrics are what really get me because they fit very well with my current state of being far from home.

Ex 1: "When people aks me where I come from, to see what that says about a man, I only end up giving bad directions that never lead them there at all."

You know how it is trying to explain where you're from. You never do it justice, and more you describe it, the less real it feels.

Ex 2: Now I know what I've been missing and I'm going home to make it mine. And I'll be battening the hatches and pulling in the sails.

Definitely want to get back to Nashvegas and pull in the sails. I love that the song talks about placing such great importance on leaving and going to a million different places, only to figure out the most important thing is home.

The chorus is great too. That's where they get to talking about LA. And being originally from Los Angeles myself, I love it all the more.

Lead singer Taylor Goldsmith has a relatable, everyman kind of voice. It's clear and familiar, like someone you went to school with.

Check it out! And really listen to the lyrics. And to the guitars. The whole thing's good.

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