Friday, July 15, 2011

Rivers and Roads : The Head and the Heart

Just a quick post tonight– and this one's live from Syracuse! I'm up here in the great white north, researching for a story involving (stay tuned and cross your fingers for me) and "Rivers and Roads" by The Head and the Heart comes on. It's beautiful, perfectly in the vein of what I've been listening to the past year or so.

The Head and the Heart is an Americana/indie folk-type band from Seattle. They're signed to Sup Pop. What really struck me about the song was the strong, powerful vocal harmonies. If you like Mumford and Fleet Foxes, you might dig this.

The other part that struck me were the lyrics. They speak of friends moving away and things in life changing. The best line of the song is "I miss your face like hell," which is a really spot on way to put some of my sentiments as of late. In any case, definitely keep an eye on The Head and the Heart. Good stuff happening here.

Until then, it's "rivers and roads 'til I reach you."

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