Friday, July 1, 2011

Casa Castile: Umbra

You might not expect a band with a name like Casa Castile to be from Nashville, Tenn., You also might not think that something labeled "bedroom pop" could be as finely crafted as the band's latest album, Umbra. You'd be wrong on both counts. In brief, Casa Castile is another reason to be proud of the music that comes out of our fair city.

For background, it's the project of a guy named Andrew Nabuco (also a fellow Belmont student, to which I say "wooo!"). Anyway, the album took nine month to complete and was released last month amid many complementary mentions in the Nashville Scene.

But enough bio. This album has got a sound and a vibe I think Brian Wilson would really dig. It's ethereal and intricately layered. Songs spill out and expand. You get some banjo, some synth and a whole lot of gorgeous, textured melodies.

Pile on track names like "Mango Tunnel" and "Desert Cat" (one of my favorites), and this is the summer album you've been searching for.

Check out Casa Castile's Bandcamp site and give it a spin. While you're there, you can also check out September's six-track album, Vake. That should be enough to convince you that Nabuco's got a solid musical sensibility.

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