Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review : 'Nashville' : 'Just for What I Am'

This week on Nashville, we were making up and breaking down. Also, how many times can this show set an episode climax to an industry party? We shall see. Here's what happened.

Juliette continues to flame out. She even has to delete her Twitter account.

Then she starts finding out that her shows are getting canceled because her fans are turning on her, which sucks. What sucks more is how Evil Bossman Jeff shows up and tears her to bits, telling her that she's "an uneducated, mildly talented lie" and saying she's going to have to beg the country for forgiveness.

But you know how the previews lead you to believe that she immediately goes and overdoses or something in her bedroom? She was just temporarily passed out and when Avery busted in, she woke up and ran to the bathroom to puke. Folks, if you find someone who sticks around after they've seen you in your skivvies puking, KEEP THEM. As a remedy for her concerns about losing everything, he dresses her like a hipster and takes her downtown to busk. A giant crowd of people stop and throw money into his guitar case. This is a misrepresentation of the city. We don't stop for buskers because we wouldn't have any more money left. But still, she'll never have nothing as long as she has the music! Eh. After going to a deserted church to pray, she decides the best course of action is to write a song.

Ok. Everyone else is going to be at Luke, Rayna, and Gunnar's #1 song party. Stay with me and I'll get us there too.

First off, Rayna asks Deacon to write with her. They do. It goes well. Lady Lawyer Friend is skeptical. Deacon is contemplating signing a contract with Belcourt Records. He will. (Glad our local art theater is diversifying its revenue streams?) He gets some TRUTH about how much the industry stinks because the deal is not stellar, but considering there's a deal on the table at all…

Luke and Rayna have preliminary convo about being a celebrity couple. She's like…

… but then later on is like sure. You know it's love because she and Luke stand there complimenting each other for like five minutes.

Gunnar runs into one of the guys from Rascal Flatts and they do a co-write that afternoon, which means that Gunnar has to bail on meeting Zoe's friends. Again. (I thought she just moved here, when did make all these friends?) They will have one of THOSE fights later on and she will refuse to attend the party.

Scarlett, meanwhile, is friggin falling apart because work is TOUGH and she's SLEEPY. She resists everything Buckey tells her she has to do, like basic tour promotion. She brings her bad mood to the party where she has lots of awkward conversations, like the one where Gunnar tells her that the "thing" that happens between them when they sing is just business. She also finds out that her uncle and Rayna are writing together and when Rayna walks into the bathroom, she finds Scarlett pulling a Moaning Myrtle. Scarlett tells Rayna some nasty little things about how she can't have those kinds of weird relationships with her exes and how when Rayna says "jump," Deacon says "how high." Scarlett apologizes the next morning, but yowzer. Rayna does give her a talking to, however, about how badly she's going to have to want all this if she wants to succeed– she's going to have to love the music more than she hates the other stuff. Not bad advice. Scarlett is like I do want it! I'm like…

Oh, and Teddy figures out that Lamar PROBABLY had something to do with Peggy's murder.

I'm going to go busk now and make $$$. See you next week.

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