Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ringo Wants to Be a Powerpuff Girl

One of my first introductions to Ringo Starr was through the kids TV show Shinning Time Station, where he played the role of Mr. Conductor. I'm sure at some point, my dad felt the need to explain that the little man in the blue suit was actually the drummer for one of the important rock bands in history. I look forward to imagining a similar conversation taking place between children and parents, brought about by this animated clip from the Cartoon Network show The Powerpuff Girls, in which Ringo (as the character of mathematician Fibonacci Sequins, har har) wishes he could join the heroic trio, partly for the dress and bow. That's right, sweet child, the little man in the yellow dress is the drummer for one of the most important rock bands in history. 

I'm not knocking him. If anything, God bless. I think it's hilarious, and the song is weirdly catchy. Take a look. 

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