Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review : 'Nashville' : 'It's All Wrong But It's All Right '

On tonight's episode of Nashville, characters find themselves questioning what they're made of (we ask the same thing of the dish Juliette prepares in her kitchen at the end of the show). Here's what happened.

In case you forgot about that time Juliette was invited to join the Grand Ole Opry, the ceremony takes place this week. She's still having tons of trouble, but goes along with Evil Boss Man Jeff's instructions to beg for mercy. Jeff sits in the empty Ryman listening to her practice her mea culpa and says finally broke the filly.

That's not very nice. Before she goes on stage, all kinds of well wishers turn up, but it's Maddie who seems to change Juliette's mind: "Bullies shouldn't win." So, instead of apologizing, she sings a song about how it's going to take a lot more to burry her under. The audience is unmoved. People backstage are like:

Glen, however, is all proud papa, so that's nice. Of course, Jeff goes to Juliette's dressing room and drops her from the label, calling her stupid. Juliette counters that "stupid" is losing your top two performers within a couple months. TRUTH. Later on, Glen tries to get her on another label, but has no luck. She squirts an awful amount of Ketchup into a dish and tells Glen she's kind of glad it's over because she's tired of fighting. Then she shows up at Avery's apartment with casserole and LUST. Not really. She basically finishes the confession she started a few episodes back. They kiss and it gets all Bachelor Fantasy Suite.

Anyway, looks like Luke's love language is buying crap, as he presents Rayna with her face on a race car. He also lets her join in on his concert for sponsors after a Nascar race. He basically does everything he can to help her connect with potential investors, including a Sam Walton-type figure whom she spends the episode schmoozing. At said concert, Rayna performs her new single and announces her album's release date. Jeff conspires to make sure she can't get shelf space. The old guy she's been schmoozing, however, offers to replace all of Juliette Barnes' album with hers since Juliette is a heathen. Maddie is like:

No worries. Rayna doesn't take the deal.

Speaking of deals, you know how Tandy made one for immunity if she testified against Lamar? She's hiding in a hotel, hoping he won't take a hit out on her. The best part is that she gets a text from THE US ATTORNEY'S OFFICE (like, she has them programmed in her phone?) that says "Turn yourself in now!" The FBI does comes busting into her room eventually, but she basically gets the whole case against Lamar thrown out because the materials she gave the Feds were technically obtained illegally.

Speaking of deals, (I'm totes out of clever transitions), Deacon is having regrets about his deal with Belcourt Records. They want him to do an album of duets with all the famous people he knows. He eventually decides he'd rather do Deacon Claybourne Live from the Bluebird because that's who he is, dangnabbit.

At least he knows. Layla doesn't. She tries to write a song with Gunnar and realizes she has nothing to say. I fail to feel bad for her. Similarly, I fail to feel bad for Scarlett, who refuses to open up to new producer Liam when he tries to get to know her. She pitches a fit like a child, he steals her notebook, they wind up actually recording an honest song about her life instead of the whiskey she doesn't drink and along the way she starts popping pills. Even after that come-to-Jesus last week with Rayna about how Scarlett is really going to have to WANT this career, she continues to act in inexplicable ways and make bad choices.

Stray Observations:
+ Daphne is getting way attached to Luke, right?
+ I'm predicting a drug talk from Deacon at some point.
+ Brad Paisley returns to Nashville!

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