Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Review: 'Nashville' : 'Why Don't You Love Me'

It's another dark, twisty week on Nashville in the aftermath of last week's loves lost and reclaimed.

We find Juliette bristling the morning after Dante's swift departure. She meets with her security team, a bunch of middle-aged white dudes in suits. Whatever happens, it absolutely cannot get out that she trusted that skeeze and he took off with just about a half million. In the midst of the brooding, assistant Emily says Juliette got a CMA nomination for female vocalist of the year, which is crazy awesome since the CMAs are in November. Special circumstances, I guess! Anyway, snagging the award becomes the singular focus of the country star's life, and she feels it should be Edgehill Records' as well, but Marshall is all we have multiple artists to promote and only so many dollars. Juliette will use her personal (and diminishing) wealth to promote herself. And how will she do that? Bobble heads and booze! That's right, Juliette wants to send bobble heads of herself and little bottles of Dom Perrignon to all the voting CMA members. Assistant Emily brings up how Juliette's about to be out a million and methinks there's going to be a Juliette bankruptcy plot soon. Also, a trip of her own to rehab. Juliette drinks so much in this episode, Druggie Mom's warning her about laying off the mimosas while dress shopping. If that's not a red flag, I don't know what is. Later in the car with Emily on the way to the nomination party, Emily tells her credit card charges show that Dante bought a $17k engagement ring for Realtor lady. Low blow, Dante, low blow. Anyway, at the CMA party, Juliette continues to drink, even to the point where she pisses off Deacon who is trying to have a grown up discussion with Rayna and he splits. And then the moment we all saw coming finally does. Avery steps up and offers to play guitar for her. Somehow, Juliette, who has yet to be in a scene without a bottle so far, avoids what EVERYONE (in my house and my long distance tv-watching buddy WHAT UP LAURA!) thought would be a total train wreck. She holds it together and then winds up off sitting somewhere, still drinking, with Avery who looks confused by the world in which he finds himself. She asks him, "Do you believe in fairytales?" They have a lengthy and intelligent conversation about about the psychological implications of fiction on the expectations of regular folks. Sort of. Not really. Avery gets her back to her car and backs away when she tries to kiss him. When she finally gets home, Druggie Mom tries to attend to her sheer drunkenness. Juliette breaks down, mascara flowing freely, "Why doesn't anybody care??" It's actually a sad moment for her. Juliette just wants:


So, after last week's weirdness with Luke from the O.C. and Gunnar, the Bluebird universe continues to exist precariously. Luke tries to gauge whether Gunnar told Scarlett anything. No chance of that because Gunnar doesn't tell anyone anything. Ever. When Gunnar joins the two in the kitchen, Luke says, "We got so drunk I don't know what I was doing."

Sure. Gunnar just sort of eyes him and suggests he leave. Plus, Gunnar's being weird about that song that he lifted from his brother's journal– the same one that's now attracting the attention of producer man. And boy does he get super touchy when Scarlett asks, "Am I witnessing the death of the bromance?" Later, Gunnar gets ready to leave for his recording session  with said producer and he runs into Luke on the front porch who tells him he should tell Scarlett about the song. Gunnar looks murderous. Just then, Scarlett drifts in on a stray balloon that a child released into the sky, and tells them that she got invited to the CMA party. Since Gunnar's going to be recording, Luke offers to go with her. Later at the studio, producer man is stoked about that hot track Gunnar just laid down even though Gunnar doesn't strike him as the type of badass who would be responsible for writing such dark tunes. Gunnar just looks nauseous  especially when faced with the idea of recording more of Jason's songs. Meanwhile at the CMA party, Luke is in full-on schmooze mode, much to Scarlett's chagrin. When she finally gets home, she finds Gunnar on the couch listening to his demo through headphones. She pulls the jack out of the stereo and holds him down on the couch so she can hear. It's different! But then, Scarlett find the journal and realizes what Gunnar's been up to. "It's just a song!" he says, snatching away the journal and walking out of the room. Scarlett wonders why she can't date better-adjusted guys. Oh wait, that's what I was thinking for her.

Me on my couch. 
In the Teddy Conrad political intrigue portion of the show, we find Teddy trying to persuade Maddie to go to the father/daughter dance with him. She'd rather not. At the dance, he speaks some heart felt words to her about how the day she was born was the best day of his life, and how someday she'll understand all this grown up business. She says, "Already do, you're both weird." Preach it, child. Elsewhere in town, Coleman turns down Tandy's offer of an alliance and resigns from the assistant mayor's office. Clearly, Coleman's going to make a move of his own at some point.

If last week you were overcome with a sense of relief when Rayna showed up on Deacon's doorstep to confess her love, don't get too comfortable. At first it's nice. They're all happy in bed the next morning. Rayna's phone blows up with the news that she's been nominated for best female vocalist. Deacon offers to make breakfast. This is basically as good as it gets. Later on, Tandy and Rayna have some girl talk about Deacon and Tandy once again suggests that this should be a fling, like she suggested about Liam. That's a weird thing to say because she acknowledges that she knows it's all or nothing with those two... is that what Rayna wants? And just like that, the doubt starts to creep in on Rayna. But not enough to stop her from sneaking off into a closet to make out a little with Deacon at Soundcheck. They do a lot of mumbling in between sucking face. Pretty sure I heard something about a cabin. She tries to sound boring, talking about how mundane her life is now that she has kids to deal with every other week. He's all "I love your kids!" Funny you should say that... But yes. She tries to bore him away and he tells her he's ready for all the routine stuff. Bring it on. She looks like she might be regretting a few things. Later at the house before Teddy takes Maddie to the dance, he sort of apologizes to Rayna about the whole tabloid mess, which makes us hate him a little less, until she tells him about Deacon (why does she tell him about Deacon??) and he gets way intense about how she might let it slip that Maddie is Deacon's kid. She carries this heavy little conversation to the CMA party where Deacon immediately senses that she's pulling away. Of course, he's freaking out since he just broke up with Vet lady. Anyway, after having a minor freak out, he jumps in Rayna's car and tells her he doesn't even care if she's hiding something. At this point, what could it be? What could it matter? We shall see. They go back to Deacon's and sing. He tells her he wishes they'd gotten back together earlier. Maybe they could have had a family together.

Stray Observations:
+ Really the only thing I have to talk about here is how in the previews for next week, apparently someone will be "driven to kill." Best scenario: Gunnar offs Avery and we get rid of the both of them.

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