Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ellie Goulding Covers Alt-J + A New Look

First thing's first– if you've visited The Musically Inclined before, you'll notice a bit of a revamp. I'd been wanting to draw a cartoon for the banner for sometime but hadn't lighted upon what that would be. Then yesterday I was in the backyard with my sketchbook and it came to me. I also switched over to a (hopefully) easier to read typeface (give it up for Verdana!) and a page navigation at the top which will be conducive to organizing future additions. Anyhoodle. That's that. Hope you like it.

Now to the good stuff. Ellie Goulding released a cover of Alt-J's "Tessellate" off last year's An Awesome Wave. It is silky. And great. And maybe better than the original. She worked with producer Xaphoon Jones, also known as the dude responsible for the greatest mashup of all time: The Jackson Pit. 

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