Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5 Reasons to See Dawes Live + 'From a Window Seat' Music Video

Just a couple items this morning, and they're both Dawes-related as the band's third album Stories Don't End drops today.

First up, after catching the band at Grimey's in March, I put together a piece for Consequence of Sound where I humbly submit my argument for why you should go to a Dawes show if you've got the chance. Grimey's co-owner Doyle Davis was kind enough to talk to me about the in-store, as well. Check out the link below and maybe stop by your local record store for a copy of Stories Don't End if you haven't already made that decision.


Secondly, CMT premiered the music video for the new album's first single, "From a Window Seat." The director successfully transformed the flight attendant's safety demonstration into what looks like the remnants of a pagan ritual, so I'm happy. Also, frontman Taylor Goldsmith meets a future version of himself on the plane and I couldn't help but think of that hilarious New Girl episode where Nick Miller runs into a guy at his bar who might just be him in decades to come. Watch the video above.

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