Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zero Plays Project: Part I

I have 1.27 GB of music I've never heard. Between sampler CDs, NoiseTrade downloads, and impulse Amazon MP3 purchases, my iTunes library is backlogged with tracks whose play count is a tragic "zero."

In an effort to fix that and possibly uncover some new music to love, I'm going to tackle my "Zero Plays" playlist ten songs at a time and post about my favorite of the group each week.

That said, here's installment #1.

Band: Howler
Song: "Back of Your Neck"
Why it's worth a play: It's hard not to love a bunch of teenagers flirting with surf-guitar. The Minnesotan 5-piece released their debut LP America Give Up in January with plenty of fanfare from the likes of NPR, NME, and the Guardian. Happily, this easily-digestible 3-minute tune has an appealing fuzzed out laze that justifies the accolades.

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