Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tonight: Bob Dylan

The past several weeks have been downright stellar in terms of live music. Between the many bands of Next Big Nashville and The National, tonight's Bob Dylan concert at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashvegas will be the cherry on top.

Going in, I know that a Dylan concert isn't going to be like hitting shuffle on my small collection and sitting back to enjoy. I know its going to be more a matter of an auditorium of people crowded around this little old guy-- and we'll be infringing on his world.

I'm not expecting to hear "Like a Rolling Stone," at least in any recognizable form. I'm not even expecting to be able to understand what he's saying half the time. I'm expecting to see Bob Friggin' Dylan and his beady eyes peering out over the audience, and man am I excited.

Thought that was worth mentioning.


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