Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Viva la Remix: Coldplay at Christmas

I read an op-ed piece once bashing mix tapes/cds as gifts for birthdays and holidays. I don't know if this counts, but those Christmas-loving chaps are offering a free remixed version of "Viva la Vida" for download this Christmas.

Honestly, I've never completely understood the purpose behind remixes. Aside from maybe trying to soup up the danceability of a record, most of the time it seems pretty pointless, plucking and splicing the best parts of the song only to burry them under beeps and beats and repeat the same sections of the songs ad nauseam.

In essence, that's what the "Viva" remix amounts to, a couple minutes of Chris Martin singing "wicked and wild" over and over again only to be followed up by a skip right to the second verse. At seven minutes, it loses all punch. Not even the chorus, that glorious chorus, survives the bastardization.

Obviously, there's more behind the giveaway than "hey, we've just put together a nifty little something, have a listen." It's a good marketing strategy to keep Coldplay at the front of people's minds and you really can't piss people off giving them free stuff. Points for that-- they're not letting the buzz die down until their next release in March.

In any case, check it out if you like and of course, have a very Merry Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate.

And you thought I was done for the year.

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