Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TMI Mini Mix

If you use Blogger, you might have seen that iLike now has a widget for blogs, so in essence you can stick your tunes right on your blog and readers can listen without leaving the page. I think it's a terrific little feature, so I'm doing away with the Inclined Toward sidebar and replacing it with the TMI Mini Mix. Inclined Toward was basically a links list of 10 songs that I'd been listening to. Due to the number of songs and my absent-mindedness, it wasn't getting updated as often I'd have liked. It would get stale, in other words.

TMI Mini Mix differs in a few ways. For one, it will be brand spanking new at the start of every month. Also, it's a mix (no kidding) so I'll be indulging my secret love of putting together mix tapes (more like playlists and cds these days) to create a combination of songs that go well together in some respect.

This month, I found on iLike a song by Their Hearts Were Full of Spring called "As long as the Sun Shines" that I hadn't heard. You can get it as a free mp3 from iLike, FYI. I love this band greatly, so I just built the mix around their instrumentation and overall sunniness.

Feedback is always welcome. Enjoy.

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