Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Musically Inclined Turns One!

Time sure flies, folks. One year ago today I was plotting a way to write about music on my own terms and for my own enjoyment...and of course put all that opinion out there for other folks to read. Considering that the average blog life is six weeks, you could say that I'm more than a bit proud. We started off with a healhy little rant on Live Earth and have since waded through monster album releases, trips to Best Buy, new discoveries, unfortunate discoveries, and the ocassional industry appraisal. It's been great and a lot of fun to watch a tidy group of subscribers form. What's also great is that this well is far from dry and (knock on wood) The Musically Inclined is going to be cruising along for many more years to come. Thanks for reading.

Peace kids,

TMI's Finer Moments
Caught in the Mélee
Best Buy is the Man
The National: Boxer
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Jack White Tries to Make Nice with Detroit

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Stu said...

Here's a toast to the Musically Inclined!
Happy Birthday.