Monday, July 7, 2008

Jack White Tries to Make Nice with Detroit

I've got a soft spot in my heart for Detroit, MI for a number of different reasons. Those reasons on the whole don't matter much, but given their existence, Jack White earned himself a place in my disdain for turning his back on the city which is a good deal responsible for why the White Stripes and subsequently, the Raconteurs are so successful. You can't get that kind of cred or edge from Boise. He went on a bashing spree. It was disgusting and unfair. Honestly, I'm not much in the mood for a rant but I saw that White wrote a poem about Detroit for the Free Press to clear up any misunderstandings about his true feelings. If he loved Detroit so much in the first place, he would not have disparaged it the way he did to any publication that would listen. Unfortunately, the Freep printed it and now the record has been rewritten. It doesn't matter that he violated unsaid codes: you don't talk bad about where you're least not to outsiders, the same way you don't talk bad about your family. Also, you don't kick some(thing) when it's down. No one can pretend that Detroit doesn't have serious problems, but still-- have a heart, dude. Nope, he's sweet talkin' his way back to being a favorite son. Personally, I don't forget easily.

"I think it's just a pathetic city."
-Jack White, August 2003

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