Thursday, July 17, 2014

[Thursday Track Back] "Move" by House Ghost

Since moving to Louisville, Ky, I've found more than a few things to love. One of them happens to be the song "Move" by local band House Ghost.

Why you should listen: If you're like me and appreciate general smart ass-ery, you'll dig this song whose chorus says: "I really like you, no the girl behind you. So please move." The down shift right before makes you think some kind of indie rock sap is about to gunk up your gears. In fact, you'd be as surprised as the first girl in the song to find out that's not at all the case.


Aaron Dethrage said...

That baaaaass.

Erin Carson said...

What about it?

Aaron Dethrage said...

I just really like it is all--it cuts through the mix well. Cool your jets, Carson. ;)

Erin Carson said...

Good. :) I had no idea how to interpret "That baaaaass." haha