Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Music App: White Tiles 4

A few weeks ago a co-worker introduced me to a maddening little iOS app called White Tiles 4. The game, which is free, is comprised of 23 variations on the concept of not touching the white tiles (think white and black piano keys).

So for example, in the classic mode, you have to play 50 black tiles as fast as you can without missing any or hitting the white tiles. In the process, it plays a little piano tune. The arcade mode gives you a scroll of tiles that speeds up until you inevitably hit a white tile, swear, and throw your phone on the couch cushion beside you. Theoretically.

If you're into simple, nerve-wracking games and dig the instant satisfaction of playing "Für Elise" without actually knowing how to play the piano, then White Tiles 4 is a good bet.

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