Tuesday, June 25, 2013

'Rouse Yourself' : JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound

When I read that JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound's new video for "Rouse Yourself" paired Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Rec) and Jake Johnson (New Girl) together as a couple with minor communications issues, I watched primarily because it sounded like some genius match-making.

I got so much more from this 4-min investment, though. "Rouse Yourself" is a silky little groove with a strong hook. The best part is the chorus which goes, "If we are forever, I hope we just get better, better, better. That's why it's such a shame, the ways we stay the same, same, same." This is one of my favorite types of lyrics– simple but well put.

The video itself is a little wacky. I didn't initially get the premise, but Plaza and Johnson being their signature deadpan and cheese ball selves made up for it.

But back to the track, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound is an indie soul (Lord, whatever that means) group from Chicago. They've been around since 2007. "Rouse Yourself" comes from their third and latest album Howl, which was released last month. By the way, I took the album for a spin yesterday and it's pretty good.

Check it out.

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