Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vacationer Play Carson Daly

About a year ago I found a band called Vacationer by way of a couple friends, and the band's debut album Gone basically destroyed the remaining weeks of winter in Syracuse, NY.

Vacationer is a little hard for me to explain. Both the band and the album almost qualify as "concept" pieces– Gone is essentially about getting out of town, and the band's sound reflects that in its chilled out vibe. They use samples, loops and retro-sounding beats. You couldn't really say it's pop or rock or electronica or ambient. It's just really addictive, relaxing, catchy music.

When the album came out, I couldn't find out much about them beyond the fact they're from Pennsylvania.  Then Paste Magazine did a short feature on them a little while later and I had some hope they'd pick up steam and become the indie world's newest darlings. Occasionally Vacationer's newsletter rolls into my inbox with tour dates I can't get to, including SXSW this week. Other than that, I don't know that too much else is shaking. Anyway, I have about a hundred questions I'd love to ask them if I ever had the chance, but more than that, I've got a whole love for that album.

That said, I was pretty pleased to see that they played Last Call with Carson Daly at the end of  February. It got by me, but thanks to the Music on the TV section of Grimey's New and Pre-Loved Music's weekly newsletter, I dug it up after all. Check out their performance of two songs from Gone, "Trip" and "Good As New." If you feel about these guys the way I do, you'll want to tell everyone you know about them.

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