Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Single from Dawes : "From A Window Seat"

Welcome back to your one stop shop for Dawes news. The band released its new single "From a Window Seat" today via Rolling Stone. They played the song while touring Nothing is Wrong this summer. When I caught the band at the Cannery Ballroom in August, frontman Taylor Goldsmith told the audience the song was about "getting the fear" on an airplane. He goes further in the Rolling Stone article to describe how his escalating fear of flying yielded a certain amount of absurdity, and he wrote about it.

I'd like to think he's talking about the part in the song where likens the safety demonstration to some kind of tribal dance in tribute to the gods. Love it. I also love this line: "The hero in the song that I am writing doesn't know he's just an image of myself." That's meta, dude.

Stories Don't End hits shelves April 9.

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