Saturday, October 29, 2011

Three Shrieking Good Halloween Songs

Halloween is this week and I was thinking I've never done a post on Halloween music. So, here goes three songs for the holiday. If you can't make it out this year to do whatever it is you do on Halloween, there's no shortage of creepy tunes to keep you company.

This is Halloween : The Nightmare Before Christmas came out when I was a wee one, and instead of being scared, I was totally taken with the claymation movie that featured this intensely orchestrated and theatrical ode to Oct. 31. 

My Body's a Zombie for You : Nothing says "Halloween" like Ryan Gosling and a childrens choir. Nevertheless, Gosling's 2009 goofy-ass side project Dead Man's Bones was pretty amusing, especially because of tunes like "My Body's a Zombie for You" and its unexpected doo-wop-iness.

Tubular Bells : I used to have a CD of "scary music" that I would bust out every year. It was something like the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra covering Halloween/horror tunes and a few others like "Thriller" and the Ghostbusters theme. "Tubular Bells" was on it and when the song started, I didn't get what was so scary about it, until it started building in such an unsettling way with all those sudden jabs. Spooky stuff.

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