Monday, June 20, 2011

Distracted by Buddy Holly

Like a lot of people these days, from high schoolers to tv journalists to politicians and the odd 50-year-old in between, I use Twitter. In fact, one of my favorite hashtags is #distractedbyBuddyHolly because it applies more than you would think, and it's nothing if not accurate in describing what happens if I'm trying to say, do an interview, and "Rave On" is playing in the background of the coffee shop.

Anyway, today I bring you tidings that NPR is streaming the new Buddy Holly tribute album, Rave On Buddy Holly. It's 19 tracks featuring names like Paul McCartney, Florence and the Machine, Modest Mouse, Patti Smith and Lou Reed, to name a few.

I've yet to hear it through, but I figure it's worth mentioning, not so much because I was so madly in love with She & Him's cover of "Oh, Boy," but because I think it's more than worth noting that Buddy Holly is still relevant today, 50+ years after his death, and will remain so for generations to come.

Give it a listen, let us know what you think.

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