Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let's Go : Madi Diaz

Nashville has so much great music apart from the stereotypical country that it so woven into the city's identity. I offer this song as proof. It's "Let's Go" by Madi Diaz.

I had the pleasure of catching her (and by "her" I mean "their" because it's actually a duo comprised of Diaz and cohort Kyle Ryan) set at Rites of Spring Saturday afternoon. More to come on Rites later.

Diaz and Ryan met at the Berklee College of Music and eventually headed south. These days they're making some pretty excellent indie pop. "Let's Go" is sprightly, anthemic and infectious. Hearing it live was a blast. It starts off with "ooo's" from the band, builds and spills with the drums as she sings "What a strange day, for once not lost in a bad way." Great line.

Check out a video of the song above courtesy of the great Lightning 100.

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Kevin Corcoran Jr said...

what an awesome live video! She's got so much emotion and passion in her music... i love it! And her video for the song is seriously awesome.. makes me smile :) Can't wait for the new album in just a month!