Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Yearly Rant Against Best Buy

My birthday is Monday. Stuck in Suburbia, I made the mistake of going to Best Buy to pick out an album courtesy of Mom and Pop. Hell is blue and yellow.

No doubt some regional manager decided they needed to redo the layout of the store, so I didn't know where anything was. The cd section was considerably downscaled and annoyingly cramped.

Selecting a album, in my book, is one of the great activities of my life. This time it was so stressful, I wanted to walk out, especially after some blue polo-ed woman got all up in my grill asking if I wanted any help.

They didn't have The Decemberists or Kings of Leon. Really? I narrowed it down to Green Day, Fleet Foxes and Ra Ra Riot, finally settling on Green Day. Total whim.

We've all got our breaking point folks, I officially am swearing off Best Buy. Never again. Best Buy is never pleasant, this time around was extra offensive.

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Matt Kraatz said...

You'll be back, heh heh.