Saturday, May 9, 2009


The Musically Inclined is coming up on its two-year birthday this summer. I'm pretty proud of that. In the past several months though, I haven't been too proud of the look of the blog. It just didn't really fit with my tastes anymore or how I'd like to present my writing venture to anyone who decides to drop by.

After a lot of running into creative walls and what not, I finally designed a new header that I think says exactly what I want it to about TMI. Professional and deliberate, yet not too serious, and maybe a bit edgy if I can swing it. The color scheme has a lot to do with that as well, and I'm a fan of clean aesthetics.

While this is still a regular Blogger template, it serves my functions well, and I tend to think simplicity is under rated. As always, TMI is always looking at how to improve on all fronts and I've still got some ideas up my sleeve for cool features to add.

All that said, what do you think?

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