Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jack White Forms 73rd Band : The Dead Weather

Okay, it's only his third, but considering that the first two haven't broken up yet, it feels about two too many.

The pasty p**** form Detroit (couldn't resist the alliteration) has pulled Alison Mosshart from the Kills (sucky band, if you ask me) Jack Lawrence from the Raconteurs, and Dean Fertita from Queens of the Stoneage to form The Dead Weather (yeah, I don't know where they got that either). Maybe he just got tired of taking moody, rustic, black and white pictures with the Raconteurs and needed a change of cast.

The new "super" group played at White's label in Nashville (woop) last night and will be releasing their debut album Horehound in June. Mark your calendars, kids.


Ben Lenox said...

While certainly ridiculous, I don't hear anyone complaining. Jack White is the shit and he's just trying to exploit himself for our enjoyment as much as he can.

Jane Approximately said...

Well, I'm complaining.

I'll give him props for savvy self promotion (or for creating ways to fight boredom), but the dude doesn't have nearly enough talent to stretch over three bands... or one for that matter, in my opinion... but the White Stripes being the most over rated band of the decade is whole separate issue.

Ben Lenox said...