Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In Other News...

Not much to report lately, kids. Now that I'm on "holiday," I can't really think of anything to write about. Anybody see today that a bunch of music videos are getting yanked by PRS (Performing Rights Society) from Youtube UK? Sometimes it seems like people have nothing better to do than get their knickers in a bunch, to borrow a phrase from the country in question.

Some of us were certainly a bit disgusted when Miley Cyrus threatened to destroy Radiohead this week after they declined an invitation to meet her backstage at the Grammys. I'd like to picture Thom Yorke mumbling to himself, "who the eff is Miley Cyrus?"

Beyond that, there's not much shakin.' Flight of the Conchords gets better with each listen and I'm starting in on a rather promising review for Twisted Ear. About a minute ago, my inbox informed me that Andrew Bird is now following TE on Twitter. I can think of people who would be pleased with this notification. You know who you are.

Something random and cool: my buddy Ben at The Daily Grind is doing 7 reviews in 7 days this week. Check this business out.

Don't forget that The Musically Inclined is always open to tips and prompts regarding content, and if you're musically inclined yourself and want to pitch your band or album for review, give me a shout at

Stay tuned kids, these quiet spells never last long.

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