Saturday, October 4, 2008

Breaking News: Santana Makes Working Stiffs Everwhere Extremely Jealous

I saw this on my Rolling Stone news feed yesterday and for once I'm at a loss for words-- no snazzy little opening comment. Carlos Santana says he's going to give up guitar in seven years, start a church in Maui and be the preacher. Right. Sounds like a fatal case of F.O.S. syndrome.*

I'm loathe to level any criticism of the personal choices of people I do not know, but really? Carlos Santana is going to "hang up" his guitar? Does he realize how many people would give their left foot to be anywhere as good as he is...and then give the their right foot for the kind of time he has to actually play the damn thing?

Who knows. It was an interesting and somewhat unexpected little story. Dude's got to know he's never going to be able to get away completely and I'd like to think that after a few months he'd take a look at this guitar and just think, "oh, man. I can't do this." Personally, I haven't laid my hands on my guitar in a month for lack of time and it's driving out of my mind. I can imagine it playing out like that Andy Griffith episode where Howard Sprague retires to some gorgeous island and realizes there's nothing to do and winds up moving back to Mayberry.

Anyway, Santana is currently preparing to tour for his thirty-eightth album.

Then again, after that many albums...I think I might just head for Maui too.

* F.O.S (full of s__t) syndrome is an extremely serious meidcal condition and is in no way a laughing matter. It could happen to you, folks.

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