Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mmm...New iPods

Apple revealed the newest fleet of iPod nanos a couple of days ago. Admittedly, they look pretty sweet. I guess they're pros at making us all in to suckers for advertising. It's funny though, every year I feel a little older when the new generation rolls out, but realistically there's no logical reason to update on a yearly basis. Just after I bought my mini, Apple started making iPods with color screens and video capabilities and it really felt like there was a huge line between the new technology and my passé mini. Since then I don't think that there have been any monumental advances. Every year it's pretty much the same design stretched, compacted, and/or flatened. These babies have a few more tricks, like sideways album flow, Genius (a feature that puts together playlists of songs that go well together), and Shuffle activated by actually shaking the iPod. That last feature doesn't sound like a good idea. In fact, I can see it as being a real problem depending on how sensitive it is to the shakes. That's a Consumer Report waiting to happen.

Well, at least they're an attractive bunch. Odd years tend to, I've noticed, but the colors are so cranked up, you almost want to buy one just to look at it. The best part of all though, is definitely the price drop. $200 gets you 16GB. My mini cost that much for a fourth of the gigs. I think Steve Jobs robbed me. In any case, if I were to upgrade, this would probably be a good year to do it... I'm just waiting on that Consumer Report.

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