Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thirteen Minutes with MGMT

Well, hello there. Long time no see, but with all this Olympic business, who has time to do anything but speculate about Bob Costas's hair and marvel at how a hundredth of a second can actually matter?

Actually, it's just been a slow week with just two minor pieces of news. The Killers named their album Day and Age. Sounds terribly exciting. The other scrap is about MGMT. Apparently they've released a thirteen-minute song called "Metanoia." Rolling Stone sounds like they're ready to pee themselves with excitement. We'll see. So far it's only available on iTunes and a mere three minutes can be seen in a live version on a YouTube video. The quality of the video is not great so at this point it's hard to say if the song is anything more than discord. About a minute in my patience left me. The song is described as having a lot of different sections instead of the traditional verse-chorus. Oh, MGMT...

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