Friday, August 22, 2008

Even More Coldplay

I kind of figured that after an album release, compulsory television appearances, and tour kick off, we wouldn't be hearing much about Coldplay until, say...2010. Silly me. It's still 2008, a mere two months after Viva la Vida's release and Coldplay is already eyeing 2009 for the release of their fifth album. Busy boys. Some talk has been that they want to link it to the greatest hits collection which their label requires of them. Here's the best part-- apparently Coldplay has plenty of material left over from all those Brian Eno sessions and just a little fine tuning would be in order. Fantastic, Vida refuse.

Anybody feeling a little over saturated? Ok, me neither, but I just can't imagine this new album being as cool or inspiring as much anticipation when the last gap between albums was three years. Also, does this mean stunted growth? Even Coldplay's biggest critics gave them some props for the effort and heavy Radiohead influence. I think most of what I heard people say was that if they kept working and heading in that direction, they might actually be considered "decent" among snobs. Obviously, I think they're already good but there's always room for improvement and I do believe they have the potential to keep refining, crafting, and pushing themselves to be truly first class. I don't know what Viva la Vida part 2 does to this progression. I guess we'll have to see. On the upside, this probably means a new tour and I very much hope that they don't skip over my city again.

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