Thursday, April 24, 2008

Summer Plans?

It's been a long time, I am fully aware of that and equally bothered. Sometimes there is neither the subject matter nor the time to keep the wheels turning, but here's to hoping that this funk will end shortly. After all, Death Cab's album is coming out in May and Coldplay comes out June 17. This will be nice. Until then though, I've got no idea what will be cooking. Sure, if you Google "music news" lots comes up but I don't necessarily think that the world needs another web site with stoned pictures of Amy Winehouse or the latest American Idol speculation.

Looking at web sites that claim to have release dates and such, it seems like every other band has got something slated, if not for 2008, then for 2009. I think I'll celebrate when the band decides to release the usual cryptic announcement via their own site. As always, The Musically Inclined is playing it cool for now.

A review that you will see, though, is Shine a Light. When this baby hits theaters, you better believe I'm there. I'm also plotting an album review of Vampire Weekend sometime this summer-- not sure when, but it will happen. Also, I'll be on a quest to find some new music that is not merely trendy, but actually good. From there, anything is possible. The Musically inclined is just stoked that summer is almost here and that means unbridled blogging...and lots of popsicles, of course.

So, don't go anywhere folks, we're still kickin'.

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