Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review : 'Nashville' : 'Too Far Gone'

Pour one out for Lamar.
In Nashville, we prefer to record to tape. Just know that.

Anyway, this week we kick things off with Juliette and Avery in the sack, looking for her phone, which is lost in the sheets. Much like her life the rest of the episode. Long story short, she wants to spend her life hiding out at Avery's apartment, microwaving toast and ordering him new furniture. ("Those pillows are unisex!") At one point Deacon, shows up to ask Avery to engineer his live album (We'll do it #analog, says Avery), and Juliette was hiding. I was kinda anticipating this:

No luck. But! Before she gets too clingy, she does decide to go watch Deacon record his album at the Bluebird.

Speaking of the Bluebird, Zoe is creatively unfulfilled. Will gets Brent fired because Gunnar says it's pretty obvious something's going on between them. Gunnar also writes Will a song that's a little on the nose and Will is like:

That's too bad because Gunnar is kinda the "it" songwriter and Will is in bad need of demoes for that album of his that's dropping on the same day as Rayna's. Womp womp. Also too bad is that when Jeff agrees to "take care" of Brent, he also promises to take care of Will, personally. Creepy. I'd want to stay as far away from Evil Boss Man Jeff as possible. Scarlett is popping pills. She looks like hell and acts like the Roadrunner. On drugs.

Everyone who runs into her raises at least one eyebrow. This includes Deacon, but for now he's too busy catching Lady Lawyer Friend squeezing Teddy's hand and then getting told by Avery to walk it off before the show.

But now that we're talking about Teddy and known associates, Lamar is out of prison. Rayna and the girls, plus Tandy (for about a second) have a little welcome home party. The girls sing. It's great. Later, Teddy turns up to tell Rayna that he suspects Lamar had tried to have him killed. He also mentions something about Tandy, which leads Rayna to ask Tandy what the hell is going on. Tandy confesses she was the witness and she did it because she found out Lamar killed their mother. SO. Rayna confronts Lamar, who says that by the time Rayna's mom crashed her car, she was already dead and he panicked. Then: "Did you try to murder the father of my children??"He does not answer.

Rayna banishes him from the kingdom. He goes to Teddy's office to confront him. (SO MUCH CONFRONTATION.) Teddy tells him Tandy betrayed him and Lamar friggin dies of a heart attack while Teddy watches and does nothing. Karma? You decide.

Nashville won't be back for a couple of weeks, but the next episode looks like a doozy. Stay tuned

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