Thursday, November 21, 2013

Humming House Launches Kickstarter

A few weeks back, I contributed to a piece for Consequence of Sound that compiled stories from staff writers about the longest distances we’ve traveled for a concert. I wrote about Nashville band Humming House. Granted, my friend Ben is the bassist, but my honest feeling is this: Even if he weren’t a pal, I’d still want to see their shows. Humming House plays Americana with Irish folk influences. They have a real knack for the kinds of warm, upbeat songs that can draw an audience into an all-out sing along.

What I’m working up to here, is that they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a second album. Check out the video below, which includes some of their credentials such as love from NPR and American Songwriter Magazine. They also had a song placed on season four of the FX series Justified, to list a few accomplishments.

These days bands with Kickstarters are multiplying like rabbits, but Humming House is solid bet. If you decide to throw a few bucks their way, you can know it’ll be used well.

Anyway, take a spin through some of their incentives, like a digital version, T-shirts, signed copies of the album and so on, or head on over to Noisetrade where the band’s first album is on offer for free and get convinced.

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