Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review : 'Nashville' : 'It Must Be You'

God speed, Luke Wheeler.
I don't have the mental or emotional fortitude to write an intro. Let's just dive in.

Rayna sit down with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts because SYNERGY. The interview is hard hitting, setting up for such answers as I'm focusing on important things. When asked about her love life, she said, "No comment." After the interview, she has a casual kitchen meeting with Buckey and Scarlett about what's happening next for Scarlett, including a small show at the Bluebird where there will be critics. Critics are the worst, Scarlett thinks to herself. She leaves, Rayna plots how she's going to get her little paper mache flower on someone's tour and how she's going to scrape up $20 million to buy out Edgehill now that all of Lamar's assets are frozen. Tandy suggests they hit up the Belle Meade Polo Invitational where rich Tennesseans pretend to be British. I don't think that's a real thing, folks, but I could be wrong. Google turned up no results. Anyhoodle, she and Tandy get out their big hats, Crest White Strips, and hit that joint up. Their shilling is unsuccessful, though at one point some old guy rips Tandy about how she was Lamar's right hand man. I don't know if he's upset she sold him out, or what, but nevertheless, he's like J'ACUSE! Rayna brings it up later like, that's not true..... riiiiight? And Tandy's like:

Tandy and Rayna aren't the only ones at the polo event. EVERYONE is there. You'd think it was scripted or pre-arranged or something. Wait...

Anyway, Deacon goes with Lady Lawyer Friend. He'd been playing the piano while she buttoned up her shirt, presumably from hanky panky, when she was like, Hey, wanna go to this polo thing with me that I have to go to for work? He was kind of a jerk about it because he's such a salt of the Earth everyman, but then she insinuated that she might take someone else and he caved. At the event, he has conversations with Rayna (briefly) and Luke (bro-ly). We find out Luke is divorced and likes to spend his time casting longing looks at Rayna from afar. And who doesn't?

Juliette is at the match too. She got a secret invite from that rich guy Charlie Wentworth who wants to hook up since he's playing in the match. She rebuffs him, he persists, he seemingly wins her over through the pure and merry hearts of his stable crew who sing songs instead of being pretentious rich people like she thinks Charlie is. Charlie manages to rope her into some deal with Teddy, who is launching the Music City Music Festival to attract people to Nashville. Side Note: Good Lord, Teddy. Please stop. We do not need anymore people getting "attracted" to Nashvegas. The traffic is a nightmare. I digress. Rayna quickly zeros in on what's happening and offers Juliette a bit of a warning that country's female fans aren't into cheating/homewrecking ladies. Juliette is like:

Later, she sees Charlie fighting with his wife and somehow feels this justifies an affair (which will only last the duration of the planning for the festival). They come to this agreement when she meets with him at the Hermitage Hotel. He suggests they have a planning meeting right then, upstairs in the penthouse, and I go OH MY PLANNING MEETINGS ARE VERY DIFFERENT. While they schedule appointments, his wife walks in unbeknownst to them and sees them. She exits with a look on her face that says I will destroy everything you love. 

This happens at the same time as Deacon gets lucky with Lady Lawyer Friend. Hey, wanna sleep over? he asks. We can braid each other's hair! Also happening: Scarlett performs at the Bluebird. My dad suggests this montage is a little like the end of The Godfather where everyone gets whacked, except everyone is doing hanky panky (my words, not his).

I'm not even going to waste much time on the Bluebird Brigade. Zoe and Gunnar are like We can't! I am a super slutty bad friend! (Her words, not mine.) Nevermind! Scarlett sleeps with Avery after playing video games. He says he's a changed man, but his facial hair suggests otherwise. He tries to be  supportive and describes her performance as "lightning in a bottle." Everyone stares at each other moodily while she sings.

The best part of this episode, though, is how in the parking lot of the Bluebird when Luke Wheeler kisses Rayna and she's like:

Devastating. Oh well! I'm sure her cold-ass response won't deter them from hooking up later on. This is Nashville, of course, the show that has no problem with starting with finishing relationships with no weight or lasting meaning.

That's all I've got, folks. Next week the CMA Awards are on, so take five and meet me back here in November.

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