Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review : 'Nashville' : 'I Don't Wanna Talk About it Now'

So. We meet again. On this week's episode of Nashville, Liam returned amidst plots, deceptions, and many machinations. That sounds so much more interesting than it actually was. Here's what happened.

Juliette got exiled to Maryland this week to play a private show for a rich, influential young couple's 5th wedding anniversary. Avery, of course, came along. These people are massively wealthy and everything about their house and the fact that they're paying Juliette ONE MILLION DOLLARS feels beyond extravagant. However, Nashville plays up this idea that the couple is happy. Long story short, Juliette winds up telling the husband that Avery isn't her boyfriend, he's just on the payroll. Avery hears this and looks murderous during the actual show. The husband is seemingly a door. He asks to play a song with Juliette. She is rather accommodating. After the show, Avery confronts her about what he heard and spits a little truth her way about how she's emotionally unavailable because he's basically Dr. Phil and she threatens to fire him, which basically proves his whole point. She knows she screwed up. She later watches the happy couple smooch and is all...

But don't you go feeling sorry for her, because then she runs into the husband and fesses up a bit about what Avery said. Hubs is like It's cool, I'm also emotionally unavailable and then kisses her. There's this moment where Juliette is surprised and disgusted and you really, truly, want her to push him off and walk away, but she is nothing if not sad and screwed up.  So she kisses him back and you feel a bit like you'll never be clean again. 

Speaking of getting clean (sorry), Deacon is on some rocky road, and not the delicious ice cream kind. He wakes up screaming in the middle of the night and tells Scarlett he rolled over on his hand. I do not know if that's true, but he's getting more open to the idea of therapy etc, etc. She tells him the pain he's in isn't right. He responds, "It's either going to go away or I'm going to get used to it." Sure. Anyway, he attends AA with Coleman. Coleman and his wife will be moving away, FYI. Deacon's big reaction, however, comes when Coleman suggests Deacon deals with how his father treated him. BOOM.

Deacon mad! There are chairs everywhere, yo. He eventually meets with Teddy who is not super kind and warns him that he better behave because Maddie is never going to stop watching her bio dad, which sounds a little creepy, but we get the sentiment. Deacon meets with Coleman again and later talks to his AA group about what a raging SOB his dad was and how he basically turned into him, except for the fact that he'd never hurt a child and I'm like WELL I SURE HOPE NOT. 

I don't really have a good segue here, but speaking of segues... Rayna and Teddy are totes officially divorced. It's weirdly amicable. She meets with Buckey and they talk about how Liam is being elusive. Could he still be hurt about her bailing on St. Lucia? Noooooo. Don't be ridiculous, darling. Anyway, Liam makes her work for it a bit, but signs back on to finish the album. Rayna has lunch with Jeff. He wants her to sing a song at the stockholders showcase because REBOOTING and whatever  other jargon he's enacting on behalf of the label. She's evasive. Hmmmm, is there a problem? he asks. We shall see, Jeff. We. Shall. See. Later on, Liam tells Rayna they need to redo the vocals on one song and she confesses she can no longer sing because she had a plastic tube down her throat and we collectively yawn because that's been in the promos for weeks. Somehow, she winds up in bed with Liam. 

 I dunno. Of course, now she has to figure something out because Jeff is expecting her to sing at the showcase. She clues Scarlett into the situation and gives the child her spot. This pisses off Jeff.

Jeff isn't the only pissy one, though. Gunnar is absolutely insufferable. He's in the living room working on a song and Luke from The O.C. comes in to tell him to quit because the song is perfect and he's heard it so many times, he knows all the words and chords himself FORESHADOWING, BITCHES. Anyway, Luke and Scarlett get stylists for the showcase. Luke will be performing too. He asks Gunnar if he can play that song and Gunnar is a pill about it. I'm not sure why, but he winds up as Scarlett's date and Will takes Scarlett's friend, whose name I do not know. The four of them get all gussied up and head off to prom, I mean, the showcase. The stylist tarted up Scarlett and Gunnar's all:

Nevertheless, Gunnar spends most of the night sulking, especially after Will performs his song and calls him the best songwriter in Nashville in front of a room full of important industry people WHAT A BASTARD. Scarlett sings the Caitlin Rose song "Waiting on A Broken Heart" and it's cool.

What's not cool is Peggy scamming Teddy into think there's a baby on the way. "I love being pregnant!" she says as he hands her a check. Later, he decides he doesn't want the kid to be fatherless after all, and we know there are bad things to come. 

Stray Observations:
+ Gunnar's repeated attempts to shoot himself in the foot make me crazy. He should be out of feet by now. 
+ Scarlett's friend is totally going to get involved with Luke from The O.C. and it's going to get WIERD. 
+ I thought Avery was going to steal that expensive guitar.
+ Quote of the night: "Defiance is a drug!" Thank you, Avery.

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